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Pl Note:

All Defence personnel are advised not to discuss any classified info with any of our staff on helpline.


Sainik Army Goverment Soilders Housing Flats Plots Projects India
Sainik Army Goverment Soilders Housing Flats Plots Projects India
Sainik Army Goverment Soilders Housing Flats Plots Projects India
Job and Career
Sainik Army Goverment Soilders Housing Flats Plots Projects India

About Society: 

The Society has been formed primarily to carry to undertake provision and facilitation of affordable housing schemes for its enrolled members in Delhi and Haryana.

Under the Society Scheme, the society’s efforts are directed to serve the two segments of central government uniformed personnel, the Serving and the Retired who shares the right to a decent standard of living together within the same community after retirement from active service. Living within proximity of available medical facilities and re-employment opportunities are essential for fulfillment of human life of a soldier beyond simple survival after retirement.

A management team of well meaning serving & retired officers and men have volunteered to traverse on a strenuous course of welfare oriented activities for true heroes of our country and have pledged to transform itself into a saga of dedicated service to the cause of humanity and particularly the “Sainiks’ Community”.

Sainik: Includes community of Indian Soldiers serving or retired of Defence Forces (Army, Navy, Air force) and  paramilitary forces such as BSF, ITBP, CRPF, CISF, Assam Rifles, SSB and other Central Govt. Forces such as coast guard, DSC, National Security Organization, Border Roads Organizations, Military engineering Services, Ordinance Depots/Factories, widows / NOKs of Sainiks etc.

Society Registration
The society has been formed to provide/facilitate affordable housing solutions to its members in most appropriate locations in Delhi. The society documents have been validated and accepted by the Registrar of Societies for further processing and approval. The society registration number is likely to be allotted by 15 Aug 2014.

Registered Office
The registered office of the Society (i.e. SWO-India Multi State Cooperative Housing Society Limited) is situated at 343.Block-C; Veer Awas, Sector 18A, Dwarka, New Delhi-110078.

Management Body
The members of the Management of this society had been involved in various housing projects all over India. The nearest projects are:

  • The Alankar CGHS Ltd, Sec-52Gurgaon.
  • The Dron Kunj CGHS Ltd, Sec-9A, Gurgaon.
  • Soldiers Square, Sec-26, Dwarka, Delhi.
  • Veer Sadan, Sec-26 Dwarka,Delhi
The flats in these projects were provided at much lower prices compared to the market prices. All members who were primarily from Defence Forces background were benefitted immensely by their purchase of properties in these projects. The senior members of the Management Committee have adequate knowledge and expertise in managing cooperative and group housing societies and hence this society has been formed to provide affordable housing solutions in Delhi and Haryana to its members.

Objectives of the society

  1. To arrange, acquire, consolidate required land for members for construction of flats if state of fund so permits or arrange and facilitate provision of flats to its members through proper agreements with land owners or land holding companies.
  2. To promote social and economic betterment of members through self help and mutual aid in accordance with Co-operative Rules and Principles.
  3. To pool the money from members to buy the land and hand it over to DDA to receive back 48% of approved land in any residential zone in Delhi.
  4. Raise funds from members to achieve the objects.
  5. To provide flats to members at least 30% cheaper than the market rates.
  6. Make excellent and efficient use of various government schemes and policies targeted for welfare societies in order to provide opportunity to its members.

The Management Body comprises of primarily Serving and Retired Defence Service Officers that are well known as dedicated hard workers who are honest in their dealings and who have a great concern for the soldier’s community.

Eligibility for society membership

  • All “Sainiks”  and their widows are eligible to apply for the membership of the society.
  • 20% quota is reserved for other category of personnel.
  • Member can not apply for more than one unit.
  • Member can not apply for more than one location.
  • Allotment of flats shall be draw of lots and will be carried out only for members making full   timely payment as per the schedule so designed by the management.
  • Applicants are required to fill up the membership form by hand or on line through our website. As per the Society’s Act all members are to pay their cost of Admission (Membership) fee, Subscription fee (society maintenance charges for its functioning) and contribute their share for the cost of purchase of land /flat at the specified timings.

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